The story of CHAIN 1977 -2012

by Ron Rowlands

The Handybus

CHAIN’s Handybus, and there have been three of them, is one of a number supplied at no charge by West Berkshire District Council (originally Newbury District Council) to Volunteer Groups arranging transport.  CHAIN has to provide the drivers and generally look after the administration.

The first bus arrived in 1996    It  could carry eight passengers.  The latest (2012) carries ten; less if wheelchair passengers are being carried

In 2003 it was reported that the Handybus had travelled 82000 miles in seven years. By 2012 the figure would be roughly double that :  i.e.  160000 plus miles.

The Handybus Organisers have been:-

 Joe O’Hara   1996 to 2003

 George Russell 2003 to 2010

 Gary Moore 2010 to


At the end of 2010 George had indicated a wish to retire and had  identified Gary Moore as his successor.  George contributed considerably to the running of the Handybus, introducing a regular newsletter for drivers etc etc.

Dennis Simmonds generally managed the Handybus arrangements (from 1996 to 2010) and the Organisers looked after the general running of it; i.e. finding and training drivers, looking after the schedule of journeys etc.

The Handybus has been, for fourteen years, an invaluable addition to Hungerford’s transport facilities.  There have been various ‘shopping trips’, a regular trip to the Hydrotherapy pool at Swindon and a variety of journeys to events enabling those without transport to attend.  All trips have been undertaken by a team of dedicated trained volunteer drivers.


Updates from 2021

Ted Angell took over from Gary White in