Issue 142    March 1st   to   June 1st   2019

Front Cover by Micky Thompson

Being the first Chain issue to have a colour front cover and being the Spring issue, what better picture than a Savernake Forest bluebell display. The fresh greens of spring, the sunlight filtering through the beech tree canopy and the promise of warmer weather to come.

Definitely a thought to hold on to as I write this on the 1st February, with the snow still falling outside and the cat reluctant to leave her perch next to the wood burning stove. Still the children are out enjoying it, oblivious to the cold, building snow men and sledging down any slope with a steep enough incline. Personally, I am waiting for it to stop so that with country coat and wellies, I can venture down to Freemans Marsh with my camera to make the most of the transformation that a heavy fall of snow brings.

Maybe I will find this years Christmas Card or a cover picture for Chain?