Issue 149    March 1st   to June 1st 2021

This months cover picture is of two of the Freemans Marsh cattle that I took in June last year. What a wonderful resource that the Town and Manor owned open space of Freemans Marsh is, especially so during the past twelve months, giving the opportunity of sanity saving walks during the Covid restrictions. I walk there nearly every day and have noticed a marked increase in visitors both with and without dogs.

I have also noticed the lack of wildlife , quite probably due to increased visitor numbers. The little egrets are still about and lots of ducks and moorhens and smaller birds like wrens and blackbirds etc. but I haven’t seen the little grebes, snipe or water rail for ages and even the grey heron only seems to put in an occasional appearance. I expect that the Kingfishers will start to become more evident once they have their chicks to feed. (I am writing this in early May)

Anyway with hopefully the relaxations of restrictions we can start to venture further afield and start to get back to some kind of normality.              Stay safe, Micky