Issue 151    December 1st   to March 1st 2022

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Due to a couple of retirements, we are looking for the following volunteers:

1) Parkway plus 2 drops on Cold Harbour Rd – 50 copies

2) Westbrook Close plus possibly 2 drops on Chilton Way – 20 copies

3) A convenor to look after the area north of the railway bridge on the High Street to Charnham Street as far as the Co-op petrol station to the east, and Undy’s Farmhouse to the west.  This would involve taking in a box of just under 300 copies and distributing them around eight different people for them to deliver door-to-door.

Deliverers to rounds in the above area:

4) Charnham Street West from The Bear to Undy’s Farmhouse including the Charnham Industrial Area – 57 copies.  This area could be split into 2 rounds if necessary if it is too much for one person.

5) Everland Road, Station Rd, Station Yard Business Park – only 12 copies but quite spread out.

The magazine comes out 4 times a year.  The next issue will arrive around mid to late February 2022 to be delivered by 1st March 2022.

Please contact us as below if you are interested in any of the above areas.

Please also let us know if you live in any of these areas and are not currently having a magazine delivered to your address, but are having to pick it up in Hungerford or reading a friend’s copy.

Kathy and Tyrell Bossom.  Crown Needlework, 115 High Street, Hungerford, Berks RG17 0LU  01488 684011 (day)



Most of our regular trips for less mobile people are now running.  We are still careful to ensure that our passengers are not overly exposed to the possibility of infection.  So, we like to ensure that the bus is not overloaded and that masks are worn.

We do have some spaces available:

Tesco runs – every Wednesday.  Picking up from 09.00 and dropping back home by 11.00.  We have also set aside the possibility of a similar run, on Tuesday mornings, if there is sufficient demand.

Thamesdown Hydrotherapy Pool.  This is a charity-run warm water facility for those whose clinicians have recommended that such exercise would be beneficial.  The pool is great for rehabilitation.  CHAIN has a one hour closed session starting at 12.30 each Wednesday. 

The bus leaves Hungerford at 11.30 and returns to Hungerford at around 14.30.  Further details about the Pool are available at  Price per attendance is £9 including transport.

For further details of the above or another other Handybus service, contact Ted Angell on 01488 682610 or 077998 86597.


All Handybus trips are driven by dedicated CHAIN Handybus volunteers.  Each trained driver will take one or two trips a month – which represents about two half days.  We are always keen to add to the team and, as we move back to ‘normality’, this is even more important.  The work is very rewarding and our passengers are hugely appreciative of the work the drivers do.

If you are over 25, have a category D1 on your driving licence and have a little time to spare each month for the benefit of the community, it would be great to hear from you.  Please contact Ted Angell on 01488 682610 or 077998 86597.

Our team would love and need your support!

Ted Angell

Do you have a few hours to spare?  

Please call 01488 683727
Chain need Volunteer drivers for our specially equipped wheelchair vehicle.

If you can drive a car then you can drive this, no probs!

We need somebody to help clean this vehicle as well please.

Can you please help CHAIN ?  CHAIN is an effective group of volunteers that cares and provides a range of assistance to people of any age who live in the town or rural district of Hungerford who are sick or disabled, or who are otherwise in need. Membership is open to all Hungerford residents interested in furthering its objectives, and includes all its volunteers.

CHAIN is there for help with:-

* Car Journeys – door-to-door transport to hospitals, clinics etc.

* Handybus Service – Running various shopping trips, eg regular run to Hungerford Market.

* Trips for groups, e.g. ‘Swimming for Disabled’ at the hydro-therapy pool, Swindon.

* For wheelchair users – CHAIN owns a CHAIRMAN vehicle which enables the wheelchair to be wheeled in through the back door and is available to families of wheelchair users.

* Services For The Elderly – Over 60s Pub Luncheon Club at local pubs.  Organising and distribution of Christmas parcels for the elderly with Hungerford Rotary Club and The Newbury Weekly News.

* Other – Liaison with Hungerford Day Centre and the Hungerford Surgery.

* CHAIN MAIL – publishes and distributes a free quarterly magazine – which you’re reading now

If you think you can help CHAIN or you or a relative need CHAIN’s help, call us on Hungerford 683727