Issue 151    December 1st   to March 1st 2022

Hello and welcome from

Keith Knight  Chairman of CHAIN.

Hello incredibly its now been a year since I took over as the new CHAIN chairman, this being my forth message to you all.

The September 21 edition was published and distributed at the start of September as life has returned to a near ‘normal’ situation. The Handybus is now operating increasing services as customer demand is returning. We have introduced a new method of payment on the bus which enables customers to use card payments, this has been well received.

Just to confirm that the CHAIN office is now open 5 days a week (Monday through Friday) for phone calls only. The office staff will be manning the office from 9am to 11am as usual to receive your calls.

COVID restrictions have in general been lifted I hope that you will be able to go about your business in more normal way although with winter approaching its time for Flu Jabs and the 3rd Covid booster for most of us.

We held our the AGM on Monday 6th at the Hungerford Hub Building (the library with approx. 25 members of the public attending. It was my chance to meet many of our clients for the first time..

If anyone wants more information on volunteering for Chain please contact the Chain Office, open 9-11am Monday to Friday on 683727 or myself, Keith Knight on 644671 or krknight@talk21,com

I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. As always I would like to thank all our fantastic volunteers , without whom there would be no Chain in Hungerford.

A final mention, a big thank you to David Piper Chain editor since 2007 who is retiring from his position ,you will be missed. I will be taking over from David to produce CHAIN mail from March 2022 edition , I hope that I can keep up with David’s high standards.

Please note email for CHAIN MAIL is now   (that’s me)