Issue 151    December 1st   to March 1st 2022



By the time you read this, the Glasgow Climate Change Conference will have come to an end. However overwhelmed we feel by the tide of information unleashed by the media, many of us feel inspired to make changes in the way we do things that make an impact, judging by our time in the Town on the Global Day of Action, 6th November. From ‘walking and cycling’ more, to ‘eating less meat’; from ‘growing more fruit and veg’., to ‘recycling and reusing’, the people of Hungerford are keen to engage!

     The HEAT team are always looking for ways to work with others, so on Sat. 20th Nov., we planted over 800 trees on the Marsh with volunteers from St Lawrence Church, under guidance from the Town and Manor.

       During  2021, we have been delighted to work with the Rotary Club to get a Repair Café, up and running; check out notices in the New Year, for the next Café, in Croft Hall. Do bring along any items that can be put back together rather than end up in landfill.

       To conclude with a quote from a ‘1001 little ways to save our Planet’ by Esme Floyd, “People in the UK buy 12 billion drinks cans every year – enough to stretch to the moon and back – but only a quarter are recycled. The energy saved by recycling just one can is enough to run a TV set for 3 hours!”

Solar Streets Initiative

We ran the ‘Solar Streets’ campaign in the Spring to promote discounted solar panels for homes through IDDEA, which saved individual households £1,250 on a 14 panel system, making it £3,750.

West Berkshire saw 14 homes take up the discounted offer, and 5 of those 14 installations were in Hungerford.

If you would like to have a free survey for solar panels undertaken please contact IDDEA directly:

Tel: 01380 726999,

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