Issue 151    December 1st   to March 1st 2022

Hungerford Primary School Mindful Garden

Following an introduction by Head teacher David Mayer, the garden was officially opened by Councillor Helen Simpson the Mayor of Hungerford, along with Town & Manor Constable Peter Joseph and Bellman Julian Tubb, on the 8th October 2021.

We were delighted to welcome our funders, contributors and the parents, volunteers and children who helped with the planting.

The Mindful Garden is a quiet, contemplative space for pupils and staff to use whenever they want. There are lots of spaces for being active in the school grounds, but now there is somewhere to go if calm, peace and stillness are required.

Importantly, all pupils contributed to the making of the garden. They painted pebbles in the summer and all the children came out to plant at least one plant each. They learned Latin names, learned about the symbiotic relationships between plants, animals and soil, and lots about worms, woodlice, and other insects. Many were delighted to see butterflies feasting on the nectar in the flowers of the plants that they had just planted. There are opportunities for pupils to contribute to the ongoing care and maintenance. They have all shown such enthusiasm and a genuine care of the garden.

The plants will establish themselves over the winter and will not need watering –essential in our ever changing climate. The grasses and perennials are hardy and will grow over the next few years to their full size, filling out around the paths and seating areas. It’s going to look even more beautiful than it does now.

We would like to extend grateful thanks to:

Mrs Page and Mrs Pugh for the original idea; the funders – Greenham Trust, Hungerford Town & Manor, The Pixel Fund, the Miss Lawrence Trust, The Newbury Building Society and everyone who donated via The Good Exchange; Sarah Smart for assistance with applications; The FHPS committee – Jon Shatford, Hayley Prestoe and Hannah Hayman for their support and advice; DGM Landscaping; Hungerford Tree Surgery; Sophie Staves of Sadlers Woodhouse for the lovely wooden signs;  the volunteers who helped with planting –  parents Kerry Thomas, Sarah Young, Mike James, Rachel Holland and Laura Edwards (Tesco Community Champion); Smarten Up Hungerford’s Nicola Wood, Julie Cox and Chrissy and Rachel Barker from HEAT.

Emma Binns

Garden Designer (and parent), on behalf of The Friends of Hungerford Primary School