Hungerford Nursery, The Croft

Hungerford Nursery School Centre for Children and Families
The Croft
RG17 0HY
Nursery School Telephone: 01488 682628

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details, which take place in The Croft Hall.

Our purpose-built Nursery and Children Centre opened in January 2005. Children revel in our Play-based curriculum and thrive in our structured and caring learning environment:

Hungerford Nursery School is maintained by West Berkshire Local Authority for children aged 3 to 4 and has no catchment area.

Since September 2015 Hungerford Nursery School has had an on-site Pre-Nursery, which is also maintained by West Berkshire Local Authority. The Pre-Nursery is for children aged 2 and 3 years old and has no catchment area.’

The children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage and have equipment and tools available and appropriate to their stage of development. Sessions are play based. We plan a carefully organised routine which includes indoor and outdoor play, stories, songs and rhymes and self-chosen activities. We provide opportunities for children to explore and investigate the environment around them. Our aim is to develop the whole child; we recognise and encourage the individual and their development.

We follow children’s interests and ensure that these interests are supported and nurtured. 2-year-olds’ learning is tactile and sensory, so they need a wide variety of materials to investigate. Things that are rough, smooth, hard, soft, cold, warm, wet, dry, squishy, prickly, sticky, crackly etc. appeal to their innate curiosity – and encourage language development. 3 and 4 year olds learning is curious and interested; we build on their developing skills in mark making, counting and letters and sounds. We offer exceptional facilities and resources, including a large outdoor environment, large sandpit and tablet computers. Everyone has opportunities to experience our woodlands school.

The Nursery School is staffed by Teachers, Nursery Nurses and Assistants, who are exceptionally qualified, skilled and sensitive in promoting children’s learning and development. We had ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted Inspections in 2006/2007, 2009/2010 and 2012/2013. As a Centre of Excellence for Early Years, we offer regular workshops for parents and are one of 16 Department for Education Early Years Teaching Centres training practitioners in Early Years.

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