Springburn, Shefford

Childcare And Nursery Services

Springburn Childcare is set in an area of outstanding natural beauty and is surrounded by open countryside. This enables the children to benefit from positive outdoor experiences. A distinctive feature of Springburn Childcare is the emphasis on play with toys that are made from objects that are found in nature.

The experiences include building camps, rope swings, log climbing areas and a natural sensory garden. The children can investigate the wildlife areas learning about insect habitats, ladybird houses and keeping a special eye on the bird box which has a camera fitted. The children watch and learn as the birds nest.

The children grow fresh fruit and vegetables, they learn about the growing cycle and we instil the importance of healthy eating. Menus are created seasonally and always take into account our own organically grown produce. See our healthy nursery foods for more info….

Security at Springburn is paramount. The Nursery has a secure entrance and all visitors and parents have to go through the security system for access. We operate a password system for third party collection and all children have to be signed in and out.

Babies Room

The babies room is designed to provide a stimulating environment, there are ample wooden sensory toys and activities. Music, stories, art and craft and fresh air combine to provide a typical day in the baby room.

The babies have their own garden with a giant sand pit and an all-weather grass surface overlooking wonderful open countryside.

Our mature and experienced staff are always available to offer advice and support and provide you with that peace of mind.

Parents are provided a daily sheet with information relating to daily activities. We also include a picture of your baby involved in an activity that they have enjoyed. Many of our parents have kept all their daily photo’s over the years which provides a memorable record of their time at Springburn!

Springburn has a separate sleep room with night sky lights and soft music which creates a peaceful haven for your little ones to sleep.

Our full time chef who prepares all our baby meals. We offer a varied menu which incorporates a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Toddlers Room

The Toddler room is a hive of activity, whether the children are baking biscuits, getting messy with gloop or jigging and dancing in musical movement, it’s all great fun. The emphasis is learning through play and this is also an age where lots of patience and understanding is required.

All of our resources are stored at child height to encourage the children to self select their toys which really helps with early decision making skills!

Pre-school Room

The Pre-school focus on preparing children for primary school. All learning is encouraged through play. Children spend time outside in our nature garden planting and growing their own produce.

Children are learning basic mathematics as they compare and measure their vegetables. We talk about the size, shape, colour and weights.

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