We hope this LOCAL TRADES REFERENCE LIST will be of great use to you, all of these trades people are either personally known to us or a friend of ours knows them and has had work carried out satisfactorily and with a reasonable charge. Now the first thing we have aimed for is those that are ‘local’, 01488 does not necessarily mean local! In this day and age ringing our 01488 / 01635 numbers from an advert could get you a tradesman from ANYWHERE!

We will add to, and update this list on an ongoing basis and copies of the list will be kept in the CHAIN office for your reference. If any of our readers would like to put forward other tradesmen with a good recommendation we would like to hear from you.

Television Aerials (new & repairs), SKY, Digital TV Mick Cornwall01635 49800
Electrical problems A.M. Electrics Tony Masilamani01488 680752
Roofing, Flat roofs, Newbury Roofing Mick Cummings01635 45591
Painting, Decorating & Maintenance Graham Talmage01488 685220
Fencing Trees and Gardens Richard Cripps01488 683807
Washing Machines, Dryers and appliances Phil Clemens01672 511077
Carpentry, Kitchens & Refurbishment Dick Mildenhall01488 682925
Added since CHAIN MAIL was published   
DIY Dave (anything really) Dave Warwick01635 43548
Painting & Decoration Cliff Tanner01488 683254
General House Maintenance John Milne01488 685251
Green Machine Computers Ltd, Ramsbury  01672 520133

Please note that these people are only open 9 to 5…
please do not use as emergency call outs.

This list has been compiled to help you and it’s use is entirely your choice, CHAIN do not receive any monies for this and cannot take responsibility for any works carried out. However, feedback from any unhappy clients will be gratefully received.

For further help or new recommendations, please contact
David Thorpe 685080 (Not after 7 pm please!)

Remember you can call the CHAIN Office 9-11am and they have a list 01488 683727