Interested in Becoming a Handybus Volunteer Driver?


– All it takes is as little as ½ day each month –
The Handybus is mainly used mornings and afternoons from Monday to Friday and occasional use evenings and weekends. We provide a pickup service from the door to shops or other destinations where people are unable to use public transport. We also cater for wheelchair users.

Driver training is quite thorough but friendly where the emphasis is on ‘safe driving’.This is usually run by the Handybus organiser. The Handybus is easy to drive but most car drivers need to get accustomed to its extra length and width. In addition, training covers passenger care and the loading and securing of wheelchairs. When ready drivers are put through a (free) safe driving assessment – this is quite unlike a driving test where constructive feedback is given and a chance to repeat.

We have no history of ‘failures’.

Sadly we live in times where this type of service requires our drivers to be checked by the Disclosure & Barring Service (DRB). There is no cost to you.
You need a valid driving licence issued by the DVLC. On this you can drive up to aged 70. Beyond 70 you will also will need an annual medical check.75 is the retirement age for driving the Handybus.

What do you get out of it?

A tremendous sense of helping elderly and infirm people who daily thank us. So if you are interested in an exploratory drive with no strings attached, please click Chain Contacts on the left and select Hungerford Handybus contact person.

Our Handybus at this time is a Mercedes Sprinter, with a four speed auotomatic,and is an eleven seater with powered tail lift/ramp.

If you would like to have a trial run before committing yourself further to CHAIN, please click on the Contact button on the left, and look for Handybus.

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