Sports Clubs in Hungerford


Little Hidden Farm is home to Sue Acworth’s friendly and relaxed riding school

Sue and Bill Acworth own this mixed organic farm which lies in the beautiful countryside of West Berkshire between Hungerford and the M4. The farm’s 150 acres are devoted to rearing both sheep and beef cattle, growing arable crops for seed for other organic farmers and supporting a busy riding school which provides for children and adults to enjoy riding in a friendly and relaxed farm based atmosphere.

A great deal of emphasis is laid on living and working within attractive surroundings and, as far as is possible, in harmony with Nature. A great deal has been done to broaden the biodiversity of the farm by way of hedgerow and tree planting and the establishment of species-rich meadows, all home to a wide and jubilant range of plants and animals.

The original flint and brick farm house is set off beautifully by the farmyard and the former cart-horse stable, granary and sympathetic modern buildings.

The immediate response of so many visitors is “What a lovely place!” and our reply “Aren’t we lucky?”. We feel privileged to be able to share this with all who come to Little Hidden be it to ride, for a walk to enjoy the tracks and meadows or to learn how to create similar features at home, buy their beef and lamb or partake in an educational visit.

We aim to provide LOCAL ASSETS for LOCAL PEOPLE. All are made welcome!