The story of CHAIN 1977 -2012

by Ron Rowlands


Dear Reader,

It was at CHAIN’s 2010 Annual General Meeting that I volunteered to write this history from the birth of CHAIN in 1977 to the present. I had been involved with CHAIN since arriving in Hungerford in 1999 and had been Chairman at the time of the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Award so I knew all about CHAIN – or thought I did!

Soon after starting my research I realised that my knowledge was not as good as I thought.  I was aware that a lot of people had been involved over the years.   I now know, having produced this story, that my original understanding of the numbers involved and the considerable commitment and enthusiasm of many volunteers over the years needed substantially revising.

In an appendix I have listed those involved with CHAIN.  Unfortunately, for various reasons,  mainly because records are not available, my lists do not include ALL office staff, drivers or links.  This I regret, because the volunteers undertaking these jobs are, undoubtedly, the life blood of the organisation and ALL of them deserve sincere thanks for being such ‘good neighbours’

I have no hesitation in dedicating the results of my modest efforts toThe Founders of CHAIN, to the many organisers and to all volunteers who unstintingly have given their time and effort in many ways in helping  others; thus making CHAIN an outstanding example of ‘Community at its best’

My thanks to all who have helped me, particularly those who have read my drafts and corrected any misconceptions.

My very best wishes for the continued success of

‘ Care in Hungerford, Action In Need’,
affectionally  known as CHAIN

Yours truly   Ron Rowland