CHAIN’s Aims in 1980
CHAIN’s Aims continue……………
Driving, to Doctors, Hospital etc.Driving, to Doctors, Hospital etc.
 Special Wheelchair vehicle, The Chairman.
 Handybus (11 passengers).
Visiting the sick at home (befriending). 
Compiling a local telephone directory.Useful numbers.Last compiled 2008.
Liaison member of your organisation.Town Diary.
Sunday school teacher. 
Reading to the Blind. 
Clean a gravestone! 
Start up your own business fund. 
Open garden day to raise funds for CHAIN. 
CHAIN Mail conveners& links.CHAIN Mail conveners& links.
Your own idea to do anything useful. 
Volunteer Car Drivers needed to help.Volunteers still needed to help,always.
CHAIN MAIL delivered free.CHAIN MAIL delivered over 3050 copies

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