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Hungerford’s very own magazine / newsletter issued quarterly. First produced in 1978 being delivered free to more than 2000 homes in Hungerford and elsewhere. It was produced then on a double sided A4 page 2 columns per side, and no advertisers, although rates were being quoted as 18 pence per column inch. Forty Five years later (2023) sees our CHAIN MAIL grown to 44/48/52 pages and 3240 copies still delivered free, thanks to the growing support given by our advertisers. They have helped us to provide more community and interest pages than ever before.

At the start the magazines were typed up and roneod/duplicated (early copiers). Today the Editor receives copy by e-mail and post, so its cut and pasted or typed up (one fingered) and sometimes scanned in. The latest version is produced in Microsoft’s ‘Publsher’ converted to ‘Adobe pdf’ and then e-mailed to Newbury to be converted to ‘film’ and then off to the printers in Beedon. The journey continues back to Hungerford to our Delivery Coordinator, taken to our Conveners dotted all over the place, and then onward to the links in your road or street, who then do the Postie bit to your letterbox. I have known it to be from Coordinator, to convener, to link, to letterbox, in less than one day, wow!

There is another way to read your CHAIN MAIL and that is through this web site (thank you Webmaster) and from 2009 it was presented in a new format and was produced by the Dreamweaver web suites of programmes, from 2019 it is powered by WordPress on an OceanWp theme. enjoy. The magazine also had a change of printers and now feature a coloured front cover.

I mentioned earlier that due to the support of our advertisers we are now able to produce many, many, more varied articles, and if you would like to contribute an article or advertise please click on Contacts on the left, and look for the CHAIN MAIL details.
Thank you.

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A new Webmaster for this site is needed from 1st December 2022

Please apply early to the Chain Mail Editor so that I can help with the changeover
If you have never done it before if you can send an email with an attachment then you can do this.

I have built up lots of HOW TO crib sheets, I needed them!

Posted 30.12.2020

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