Your Chain Mail Distribution

Except for a brief gap in 2007, your CHAIN Mail, instigated by Bill Acworth, has been going for something over twenty nine years. With its message from the Chairman, editorial comment and items of local news, it is always worth a read. Published quarterly, it is delivered to everyhousehold and business in Hungerford and District, It also provides details of the Town Diary.

Its distribution is by way of a small army of volunteers based in the thirteen areas into which the Town has been divided. Two thousand nine hundred copies are delivered by the printer. These are then counted out into parcels for delivery to the “Convener” in each of the areas who in turn count out and deliver to their “Links” who do the leg work of putting them through letter boxes.

Copies are also taken to Sanham Green, Hungerford Newtown, New and Old Hayward, Upper Denford, Leverton and the Freeman’s Marsh residents for delivery by local volunteers. Altogether, almost ninety people are involved in the process.

If you would like to know who delivers your CHAIN Mail, a copy of the delivery list is kept in the CHAIN Office.
You may have seen in the December 2007 issue of CHAIN Mail how a small army of volun-teers ensures that every household and business in Hungerford and district receives their copy.

For this to run smoothly it requires that everyone is in place for at least a few of the days during each of the weeks preceding the quarterly publication dates, which are 1st March, 1st June, 1st September and 1st December. Very occasionally of course there is someone on holiday or is poorly and is unable to help.

When this does happen it is most important for it to be known, either by the Link informing theirConvener or if it’s a Convener,contacting the Distibutor, so that the problem is then sorted out. To find the ‘Distributor’ go to ‘Contacts page’ to look for their name, telephone number etc.

I have often thought it would useful in the above eventuality, to have reserve volunteers in each of the Areas and locations in the town. It is clear that they would not be called upon very often, but when they were needed they would be of enormous help.

If you would like to be a reserve Link / Convener, please click on Contacts in the left hand
panel for the name and contact details on ‘ Delivering Chain Mail’.

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