Issue 147    Sept 1st   to December 1st 2020

Front Cover by Micky Thompson 

  Well, the long anticipated issue of Chain has finally hit the doormat. I am sure that there will be many references to the dreaded C 19 so I shall move smartly on. One advantage, for me, was having Freemans Marsh right on my doorstep, so taking my socially distanced exercise was a real pleasure with my camera slung over my camera, just in case.  

  The view of St Lawrence’s from the water meadow with the River Dun in the foreground is one that I find especially pleasing and I took it when everything was at a standstill.

  Always having a camera when I go out helps with the frustration of missing a really super shot. This happened last week when not knowing my other half had planned a walk after visiting Pewsey I found myself taking a lovely canal side walk from Pewsey Wharf without it.       There perched on a barge roof next to me was a Heron. Usually a shy bird, I mistook it for a plastic one until it moved. So close, with detail in every feather and quite relaxed. Hay Ho, such is life. Keep safe.