Issue 144    Sept 1st   to   Dec 1st   2019

 by Micky Thompson 

Autumn approaches after a very hot Summer. The cover picture this issue is of a female Emperor Dragonfly. If you are thinking that it looks very prehistoric you would be right, dragonflies have been around since before the dinosaurs. The adults only live a few months but as the picture shows, lays her eggs ensuring the next generation. The eggs will hatch out into crawly bugs called nymphs and most of the dragonfly’s life is spent in this stage. They are savage predators hunting other aquatic creatures as large as tadpoles and small fish. When it is time, the nymph crawls up aquatic vegetation and changes into a dragonfly. They mate, lay their eggs and the whole cycle begins again. The nymphs hatch and are protected from the winter beneath the water, so even as the cold weather approaches nature prepares for the warmer days ahead.