The story of CHAIN 1977 -2012

by Ron Rowlands

The ‘Chairman’  Vehicle

It was in 2002  when CHAIN was  given a rather elderly vehicle that would take a wheelchair. This was readily accepted and a pool of drivers was set up. It was difficult to use but nevertheless proved invaluable in giving wheelchair users access to car transport.  CHAIN made it available to family members of the disabled to drive, subject to various checks, and this proved useful for those wanting to involve the wheelchair bound person in family outings etc.

In 2003, Mrs Crook, having used a more up to date Chairman vehicle than CHAIN’s to transport her wheelchair bound  husband, offered it on his death, to CHAIN at roughly half its value.  CHAIN was pleased to accept it and it was still in good use in 2012.

Dennis Simmonds oversaw the general management of the Chairman vehicle and  various people have looked after the bookings. i.e.:-

Brice Moore
Rachel Martin
Norma Thompson
David Piper
David Thorpe





The Chairman 2016

Updates from 2021