The story of CHAIN 1977 -2012

by Ron Rowlands


Mention has already been made of Bill Acworth.  Other Chairmen prior to Bill are listed below and made valuable contributions.  Ron Rowland took over from Bill in 2002, having previously with his wife June, been links coordinator and CHAIN MAIL editor. He dealt with various changes including that arising from Betty Grant’s request to be relieved of the Office Manager’s job.  Ron was the lucky post holder to be there when CHAIN was awarded the Queen’ Golden Jubilee Award.  Janette Kersey, who took over from Ron in 2008 had previously, as Mayor of Hungerford, been instrumental in putting CHAIN forward for the Queen’s award


Bobby Winser’s contribution has already been acknowledged.  Bob Scott, a retired banker was the first treasurer to occupy the post for more than the usual three years.  He served from October 1984 until 1997 (13 years) and in that time built up the reserves and played a crucial role in keeping the organisation on the right lines.  Michael White, an accountant, took over from Bob in 1997.  Michael’s contribution has been outstanding.  He is not only the controller of finance but takes a great interest in all things CHAIN.

He was, and still is, the bedrock during various periods of change and a strong contributor to CHAIN’s management team.


As will be seen from the listings below, there have been eleven secretaries of the management committee since 1977.  However, for longevity, Carolyn Hawkins holds the record.  Carolyn became secretary in 1995 and since then has not only produced records of meetings but has generally looked after the administration, including the arrangements for the 25th anniversary and presentation of the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Award.  Seventeen years of outstanding service and continuing.


On the basis that things would not happen without volunteers willing to take responsibility for certain tasks, all those listed below under specific posts have to be recognised as KEY PLAYERS, but in this section an attempt is being made to indicate the long servers and or outstanding contributors.  Alan Pollitt has organised the Pub Lunches for many years – and driven the Handybus etc. etc.  David Piper, has not only edited CHAINMAIL and improved its content, but also obtained advertisers to the point where the cost of the publication is no longer a charge against the Charity’s funds.  Another major Newsletter Editor was Elizabeth Davis

There should undoubtedly, be many more mentioned above.  As requested earlier, anyone knowing of any omission should, please, let CHAIN’s Chairman know.

Management  Committee  and  Organisers

Chairmen                                    Secretaries                                         Treasurers

Bill Acworth                                 Barbara Simmonnds                           Bobbie Winser
Alfred Kew                                  Thelma Batchelor                                 Sheila Harris
Kathleen Greenwood                 Alfred Kew                                            John Fry
June Blakeway                             Peter McIntosh                                     Mary Brownlow
Bill Acworth                                 Rita Courthold                                     Bob Scott
Ron Rowland                               Mary Brownlow                                  Michael White
Janette Kersey                              Vi Martin   
                                                       Stephanie Small    
                                                       Jean Allen
                                                       Henrietta Geary
                                                       Carolyn Hawkins

Professional  Help

Over the last 35 years and particularly at the outset, CHAIN received help and much encouragement from a number of professionals, mainly in the social service / health sectors.   Sheila Wilson, Community Development Officer, was one of the original Founders.  After a short period she was replaced by Mike Welsh.  Sheila was also a member of the steering committee and the first management committee.
Anne Honeybone, also from Social Services, gave invaluable advice, particularly on the setting up of the ‘Links’ scheme.  She was also a fairly regular speaker at gatherings held at Northview Heights residential home.
Sue Burnell and David Small, solicitors from Charles, Lucas and Marshall both advised on the Constitution and there was always support from Hungerford Surgery.  Drs. Hetherington and Bray served on the management committee, so did Christine Sprules. 
The 2012 Chairman, Janette Kersey is the Surgery office manager.
Liaison with Social Service Departments and other statutory bodies and voluntary organisations has, of course, been ongoing as and when people have sought help from CHAIN and have needed referral on.

Links Coordinators                 Office  Managers               CHAIN MAIL Editors

Angela Pomroy                        John Wilson                        Jim Whyman
Margaret Steer                         June Blakeway                    Richard Kingsbury
Dee Anderson and                  Phyllis Davies                      Bill Acworth
Carol Cartwright                      Claire Toole                         Bobby Winser
Meg Anthony                            Carol Cartwright                Phillipa Sage
Kathleen Walker                       Bill Acworth                       David Cath
John & Jean Allen                      Betty Tolliday                     Carol Collins
Ron & June Rowland                Betty Grant                         Jean Beard
David & Janet Long                   June Tubb & Gill Moore    Elizabeth Davis
Kathy & Tyrell Bossom             June Tubb                           Ron & June Rowland
                                                                                                 Bob Bennett
                                                                                                 David Piper

Deputy  Chairmen            Befrienders’ Administrators      Public Relations Officer

Ken Barnes                                  Pat Honeybone                  Trevor Hawkins
Ken Breadmore                           Brenda Abrahams             (post only filled at time
Derek Smalley                                                                          of the Queen’s Award)
(Deputy Chairmen were not always designated as such. In the absence of the chairman the committee nominated someone).

Pub Lunches Organisers       Malvina Holmes, Pam Lucas, Alan Pollitt

Transport Organisers

Handybus                                   Chairman Vehicle

Joe O’Hara                                   Dennis Simmonds        Rachel Martin
George Russell                            Brice Moore                   Norma Thompson
Gary Moore                                 David Piper                    David Thorpe

Luncheon Club Managers         Luncheon Club Treasurers

Bobby Winser                             Gordon Shears
Kathleen Walker                          Pamela Lucas
Amanda Goodwin                       Amanda Goodwin

Luncheon  Club Helpers

Mr Sheen (Numbers coordinator)            Mary Fradgley (Responsible for hall preparation)

Linda Marshall, Renee Robinson, Joan Robinson , Jenny Holdstock, Iris Cousins, Two John O Gaunt pupils, Beryl Kellow, Pat Pamflett, Dolly Radbourne , Carol Offer, Cyril Walker, Jean Hutchings, Chris Jennings, Daphne Hayden, Vic & Wendy Lardner, Francis & Julie Turner, Pam Lucas, Harry Fradgely, Joy Lovelock, Betty Grant

Management Committee Members(No particular order)

Chris Buck, Bill Acworth,  Carolyn Hawkins, Michael White, Barbara Simmonds, Dennis Simmonds, Betty Grant,  Jean Allen, Felicity Wood,  Jaqui Gallimore,  Derek Smalley, Roger Cooper, Ana Ward,  Mansil Morgan, G Rock-Evans, Mrs C Stiff, Neale Marney, Allan Pollitt, June Rowland, Brenda Abrahams, Robin Kellow, Christine Sprules, Brice Moore, Joe O’Hara, Bob Bennett, Trevor Hawkins, George Russell,  Kathleen Walker,  David Long, Janet Long, Amanda Goodwin, June Tubb, Peter Hetherington, Pat Honeybone, Stephanie Small, Steve Gallimore, Ron Hoyes, Henrietta Geary,  Ken Breadmore, Ken Barnes, Elizabeth Davis, Meg Anthony, June Blakeway, Malvena Holmes, Dee Anderson, Carol Cartwright, Guy Padgham,  Kathleen Greenwood, Bobbie Winser, Betty Tolliday, Rita Colclough, Margaret Steer, Carol Calnan, Jeremy Bray, Claire Toole, Vi Martin, Betty Clarke, June Blakeway, Ron Rowland,  Janette Kersey, David Piper, David Thorpe, Gary Moore

Updates from 2021.…………..additions to the lists above

Chairman             Keith Knight in 2020
Secrataries           Jill Greenland (now retired) .   Sandra Brooks
Treasurer             George Ham
Office Manager   Deanne Cripps
Handybus            Ted Angell