The story of CHAIN 1977 -2012

by Ron Rowlands


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Town  Diary

A Town Diary has been a regular feature in CHAIN MAIL since 1980.  This is confirmed by the following paragraph in the June 1980 issue:-
CHAIN initiated the idea of a Hungerford Diary and the indomitable Ivy Wells (28 Atherton Crescent, Tel 2837) keeps a diary to prevent a clash of events.
Here is what is in the diary when Chain Mail went to press”

 There followed a list of events; twenty eight of them for six months June to November.  This was just the beginning because although, inevitably, the number of events fluctuated over the years, by 2012 the average number had increased to 50 entries per month, plus a list of regular weekly events.  This gives an indication of the increasing popularity of the diary and also reflects the diligence and enthusiasm of those responsible for maintaining / compiling the lists.

Most, but not all, issues of CHAIN MAIL gave the name of the diary contact / compiler but as far as can be ascertained they were:-
Ivy Wells From start until 1983
Sylvia Whitby 1983  to  1987
Wendy Sargent 1987  to  1989
Wendy and Geoffrey Wilkinson 1990  to  1993
Stephanie Small 1993  to  1997
Paul Cable Just six months in 1997
Jean Hutchings 1997  to  2004
Margaret Wilson 2004  until  2012 and beyond.

It was Margaret Wilson who, from when she took over in 2004, modified the list to show ‘Events held almost every week’ and a separate list of ‘one off’ events.

In 2002, having retired from full-time employment, Brian Davis thought it appropriate to help out with some local volunteering.  As a Handybus driver he soon realised that his ongoing commitments kept ruling him out and that, maybe, helping promote the town through a more modern website might be a better way to help.

With the Internet rapidly becoming an integral part of everyday communications it is pleasing to note that by 2011 our central site will record around 100,000 visits and over 2million hits.  The site includes an electronic version of Chain Mail, together with a comprehensive list of organisations and contacts – and a What’s On that is dynamically updated by local subscribers. Hungerford and Chain are now well and truly on the world stage.

Updates from 2021

Margaret Wilson retired in           due to ill health and the then Chain Mail Editor  (David Piper) carried on the task of gathering information.