Issue 143    June 1st   to   Sept 1st   2019

Front Cover by Micky Thompson

Here comes Summer, we hope, so the cover picture this issue is of the harvest as it used to be done. This photograph was captured last August close to Devizes. The wheat straw, an old long stemmed variety, is being harvested for thatching, the modern cereals having been engineered to produce short stems and large ears, which are more profitable.

In the distance can be seen a white horse cut into the chalk. This one is on Milk Hill above Alton Barnes. Note the uncertain sky, so often a feature during harvest, and the long shadow indicating the evening setting sun. Note too that you can just make out the old tractor pressed into service. There were two old Fordson Super Major tractors working in the field and also two more modern Massey Fergusons, so they were planning on getting it all gathered in that evening while the weather held.

So past memories for some, and the hope for a good Summer.